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Tony Lloyd is a professional broadcaster and film producer and has been on the air since the seventies.
‘Love From Tony’ is a 2 hour program of romantic and laid back songs with an occasional faster one mostly from the seventies to the 2000’s, bringing back memories for the listeners.
The show which is recorded in a hi spec broadcast quality studio is available as -
2 x 60 minute segments with a fading song at the end to take it just over the 60 mins
3 x segments totalling 53 minutes per hour x 2 hours with a fading song at the end of the last segment. ( Giving you 7 x minutes for ads etc to make up each hour. )

All files are emailed via WeTransfer weekly on Fridays by 15.00 UK time )
Files are MP3 at 320k, CBR and named TLH1, TLH2 for the 60 minute files,
or Love01, Love02, Love03, Love04, Love05, Love06 for the 53 minute per hour version. All versions are sent to all stations.

There are no ads in the program, stations can ad their own between segments if taking the 53 minute version

It is the broadcasting station’s responsibility and liability for all copyright fees and costs for the music played, and at no cost to Tony Lloyd or his companies.
Editing, adding of material, or changing the program in any way is not permitted.

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