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I've interviewed thousands of people over 45 years of broadcasting and film production.

BACKSTAGE TONY TV is where I can professionally interview people 'Back Stage' or behind the scenes on camera.

The short but concise clip can then be used on your website and social media to promote your :

Music Gigs and Concerts


Manufactured products

TV Show

Film release ( 'making of' films )

In fact just about anything behind the scenes or backstage !


People are fascinated by what happens BACK STAGE or behind the scenes - they can't resist watching the clip on your site!

Branding / details / information can be incorporated in the clip, sending people to your website, buy your products, buy tickets, visit your restaurant for example.

The quick interview is un obtrusive using small amounts of equipment and can be done at any time, as long as it's backstage or behind the scenes.

View the Promo Films on our YouTube channel here:
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