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As a radio presenter, I've interviewed all sorts of people about their lives, struggles, successes, their careers and how they got to where they are now.

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Episode 6 - Coping with PTSD

In this episode I talk to Heather, whose partner Jason suffers badly from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time serving his country in the Army.

I find out some interesting facts about the condition, and how they cope as a couple.

Episode 5 - Jon Brett

Billy Joel, Tales of an Innocent Fan

I speak to author and journalist Jon Brett who's book 'Billy Joel - Tales of an Innocent Fan' features fascinating and funny stories from his interviews with band members and his research into the life of Billy.

Episode 4 - Amber Anderton

I speak to singer, songwriter, musician, teacher and mother Amber Anderton about her career in the music business and how she fits it all in with everything else, and how she copes with a chronic illness at the same time.

Episode 3 - Logan Clarke Private Investigator

In this episode I talk to Logan Clarke in California about just some of his fascinating experiences as a private investigator and undercover agent, including rescue missions involving the late American DJ Casey Kasem.
I could have chatted for hours with Logan, he has so many stories and plenty he cannot tell !

Episode 2 - Lara

In this episode of 'Human Stories' I spoke to Lara on the phone. She told me all about how a previous partner had committed suicide.
Listen to hear her advice and what signs she saw, and what effect the incident had on her life.

Amanda Alexander is a successful actress bringing up her family and a practising Budist.
I talk to her about her life and her career, the sacrifices she has made and how her beliefs have helped her.
Amander creates characters, writes childrens stories, and has even appeared in Doctor Who! 

Podcasting is a fantastic way for organisations to reach audiences at an economical cost.

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